Guangzhou Maritime Court Launches "Youth Protect Nature Green" Communist Youth League of China Theme Day Activity and "Escort Growth, Protect Oceans" Marine Rule of Law Education for the Youth
To further improve awareness of the rule of law and marine ecosystem protection among young people, on the occasion of Youth Day, the Youth League General Branch of Guangzhou Maritime Court carried out the "Youth Protect Nature Green" theme day activity and "Escort Growth and Protect Oceans" marine rule of law education for the youth on April 28. In the multimedia classroom of Guangzhou Nanwu Wenrun School, Wu Manting, a Youth League member, taught an open course about marine ecosystem protection and the rule of law to the third-grade students with the theme of "Protecting the Ocean from What I Start". Judge Quan Xiao and Judge Tan Xuewen shed some light on the law through the first criminal case of endangering rare and endangered wildlife at sea and the public-interest litigation case of marine environment tried by the Guangzhou Maritime Court. They aimed to educate the students about the legal knowledge of marine environmental protection, fostering their understanding and care for the ocean, while forging their deep insight into the importance of protecting the marine ecosystem. In the interactive section, the students enthusiastically discussed the "good practices" for protecting the marine ecosystem. Applause and laughter rang out from time to time. The Youth League General Branch prepared gel pens painted with endangered marine animals and dolphin plush toys for the students. After the class, the school's vice principal Lan described it as an engaging and intuitive legal education class. Lan emphasized that the class has cultivated thinking on the rule of law, enhanced awareness of marine ecosystem protection, and provided insights into the duties of the court and judges, thus preparing students for their career planning and life development in the future.
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Case No. Case Status Presiding Judge Court Clerk
(2015)Guang Hai Fa Chu Zi No.111 Archived Li Zhengping Liao Linfeng
(2015)Guang Hai Fa Chu Zi No.34 Archived Wu Guining Chen Di
(2020)Yue 72 Min Chu 279 Archived Pingyang Danke Pu Meijie
(2020)Yue 72 Min Chu 278 Archived Pingyang Danke Pu Meijie
2020 Yue 72 Min Chu 331 archived Luo Chun Li Zhenyao