Open Day of Guangzhou Maritime Court
The Open Day event of Guangzhou Maritime Court (GZMC) was held on September 7. Students of Guangzhou Maritime University and the public were invited to the court to gain a first-hand perception of the legal atmosphere, an "immersive" experience of the rule of law, and a further understanding of maritime trials and achievements. Led by a guide, visitors walked through the court trial building, litigation service center, Internet tribunal, and culture gallery, directly perceived the achievements of the smart court construction while exploring daily routines of the court, and have a personal feeling of the warmth and affection of the people's court in exercising justice for the people. In the e-courtroom, visitors got an opportunity to observe a court hearing up close and personal. Particularly, as a court for maritime and admiralty trials, GZMC has a relatively large proportion of foreign-related cases. Hence, there is a simultaneous interpreting room in the e-courtroom, which can interpret two foreign languages at the same time and provide support for successful communication with foreign parties. Moreover, the guide also gave a detailed introduction to how the digital court hearing system was utilized in trials, which made visitors feel the fascination of the e-courtroom in helping the trials in an "immersive" manner. At the International Maritime Justice (Guangzhou) Base of the PRC Supreme People's Court, which was located on the top floor of the court building, visitors sat around a table and listened to a senior judge's explanation of the maritime trial and related legal knowledge. After the judge explained complicated cases in simple language, visitors acquired a deeper understanding and thoughts on the term "maritime trial". It is worth mentioning that in the rule of law lecture, the judge of GZMC also introduced to the students a website - China Maritime Trial, the latest achievement of digital maritime trials, and shared the development experience of this website. "China Maritime Trial is instrumental in trials for judges, offers convenient litigation services for foreign and domestic parties and lawyers, and provides an academic platform for maritime law research. It is the latest achievement of digitalizing maritime trials and an important window to showcase China's maritime justice to the world." According to the judge of GZMC, China Maritime Trial was launched on April 25, 2022 under the guidance of the PRC Supreme People's Court and the support of Guangdong High People's Court. The website was built by GZMC as an important window to showcase China's maritime justice to the world. It could further enhance the digitalization level of maritime trials, improve litigation services, and reflect the transparency in Chinese maritime justice. At the last stop of the journey, GZMC sent gifts to visitors like customized notebooks and legal knowledge manuals of China Maritime Trial, and organized a special "sticker" event for visitors to record their experience by painting. A student of Guangzhou Maritime University felt excited, "I had no idea of what the maritime trial is before, but through the judge's lecture today, I not only further understand the work scope and content of a maritime court, but also acquire the knowledge about maritime law, which is closely linked with my major. Now I have a clearer direction for my future study and career." Impart knowledge of law and make contributions silently. According to sources, the Open Day event is an important measure taken by GZMC to promote "Universal Access to the Law". In the future, GZMC will adhere to the goal of "Serving the People", continuously improve the rule of law at the grassroots level, enhance law publicity and education, and contribute to expanding the influence of maritime trials.
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Case No. Case Status Presiding Judge Court Clerk
(2020)Yue 72 Min Chu 279 Archived Pingyang Danke Pu Meijie
(2020)Yue 72 Min Chu 278 Archived Pingyang Danke Pu Meijie
2020 Yue 72 Min Chu 331 archived Luo Chun Li Zhenyao
2020 Yue 72 Min Chu 334 Archived Chang Weiping Zhu xiaotong
2020 Yue 72 Min Chu 343 Archived Lin Yiyi Li Zhenyao