Research Group of School of Law SMU Visited GZMC
On the morning of Jan 1st, 2020, Professor Zeng Jia led a team of four of School of Law Shanghai Maritime University (SMU) visited GZMC for research and exchange, the team included PhDs and postgraduates Yang Yuanshuo and Zhang Lei and so on and it focus on the “study of the legal guarantee for the strategy of marine power in the new era”. Director Song Weili of Executive Board, Director Ni Xuewei and judge assistant Tan Xuewen of Research Office and Deputy Chief Judge Xu Chunlong of Case Filling Division joined the reception and the talks. The team visited the litigation service center, case-filling hall, the technology court, Guangzhou International Shipping Judicial Research Center, executive command center, Law Branch of Guangzhou Library and Guangzhou International Maritime Judicial Base of SPC, after watched the videos of Safeguarding the South China Sea and Me and My Motherland,  after which they better understood the details of work environment and specification, development trend of maritime justice and the building of smart court of GZMC. During the discussion, Professor Zeng introduced the basic information of“study of the legal guarantee for the strategy of marine power in the new era”and made clear of the research purpose. Director Song congratulated to them for the successful application of major projects of the National Social Science Fund, and introduced to them the important measures adopted by GZMC in safeguarding sovereignty, marine interest and promoting the “Belt and Road Initiative” and the implementation of marine power strategy. The team opened discussion with our judges on many issues, including exercise of maritime jurisdiction, implementation of marine-related judicial interpretation, systems of maritime case guiding, one-stop all-around dispute solution mechanism, finding and application of foreign laws, recognition and execution of foreign maritime judgements and arbitration award, jurisdiction over maritime and criminal cases, cases of protection of human rights at sea, the discussion hits fruitful outcomes which not only provides the latest judicial messages and first-hand information for the team to deepen their study but also expanded the cooperation between the two sides.  
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Case No. Case Status Presiding Judge Court Clerk
(2016)Yue 72 Min Chu 88 Archived Chang Weiping Zhou Xi
(2016)Yue 72 Min Chu 194 Archived Chang Weiping Zhou Xi
(2015)Guang Hai Fa Chu Zi No.319 Archived Xiong Shaohui Lu Shiying
(2015)Guang Hai Fa Chu Zi No.794 Archived Tian Changqi Cai Xihong
(2015)Guang Hai Fa Chu Zi No.1075 Archived Li Lifei Cai Xihong