President Ye Led a Team to Visit Guangdong Marine Comprehensive Law Enforcement Team and GMSA
President Ye led Vice Director of Maritime Trial Center Xu Yuanping and other five peoples to Guangdong Marine Comprehensive Law Enforcement Team and Guangdong Maritime Safety Administration to carry out research activity on August 4, 2020. On the morning of that day, Ye and his team arrived at Guangdong Marine Comprehensive Law Enforcement Team, the general team leader Xu Fangzheng and political commissar Qin Lei gave a warm welcome and held a talk to them. The team gave the written investigation material to the issues that putted forward by GZMC during the talk, and they introduced their unified leadership in provincial marine law enforcement and the law enforcement responsibilities in marine surveillance, island management, marine environment protection, management of fishery administration, fishing port superintendence and supervision and inspection on fishing boats. From the perspectives of law enforcement and justice, the two sides made deep exchanges on the issues of frozen food smuggling, remediation on “three without” ships, illegal use of sea areas, illegal sand excavation and offshore dumping. Many problems in the process of marine law enforcement became clear after the talk, both of them agreed to deepened cooperation and address the difficulties in marine law enforcement, thence to build a stable environment for the construction of major maritime province in the post-epidemic period. Ye and his team opened the research at GMSA in the afternoon, Vice Director Yang Wen warmly received them and they had a discussion. GMSA made an introduction of their achievements and experiences on shipping control related with HK and Macao, seaman and overseas personnel epidemic prevention management during the epidemic period, especially the adoption of electronic filing and electronic authentication to realize the non-contact regulation of seamen. They made deep discussion and exchanges on the issue of justiciability of maritime investigation conclusion and judges of GZMC provided guidance advice to it. Plus, issues of cross navigating zone sailing, seamen on board verification and ship detention were also discussed. President Ye said that as the two business close associated units, GZMC and GMSA should keep in touch so as to give feedback on the administrative management problems, solve the question in the judicial process and coherent the business in the implementation. Both sides should exert highly attention to the issue of justiciability of maritime investigation conclusion and recommended that maritime departments should positively handle it under current circumstances.    
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Case No. Case Status Presiding Judge Court Clerk
(2020)Yue 72 Min Chu 279 Archived Pingyang Danke Pu Meijie
(2020)Yue 72 Min Chu 278 Archived Pingyang Danke Pu Meijie
2020 Yue 72 Min Chu 331 archived Luo Chun Li Zhenyao
2020 Yue 72 Min Chu 334 Archived Chang Weiping Zhu xiaotong
2020 Yue 72 Min Chu 343 Archived Lin Yiyi Li Zhenyao